Lima, Peru – Part II – Historic Center of Lima

Downtown Lima is a bustling metropolis that offers centuries of rich history. During our visit to the Cercado de Lima, we were shown the centuries old architecture of various government buildings, cathedrals and the President’s house which was adjacent to town square. We were lucky enough to arrive during a week of festival where we were able to enjoy a parade with a full marching band and people in costumes. The day we toured the center of Lima also just happened to be national Pisco Sour day! A Pisco sour could be compared to a whiskey sour except that Pisco is not whiskey. The cocktail is made with Pisco, muddled limes (sometimes lemons), simple syrup, an egg white, and bitters. It is shaken and served with a foamy top resulting from the egg white, then topped off with cinnamon! Yum! In the spirit of the holiday, most restaurants were serving these complimentary to lunch and dinner.

My favorite part of our day was touring the Catacombs of the Saint Francis Cathedral & Monastery. To read more on this experience, see my post titled “Catacombs of the Saint Francis Cathedral & Monastery in Lima, Peru – A MUST SEE!!!” Lastly, we walked through the central market place which was missing its glass roof which was destroyed in an earthquake. Recent tremors and a 6.4 quake had deterred them from replacing it.

Our visit to the Cercado de Lima was brief but the sights and rich history made it worth it. If planning a vacation, I would suggest spending no more than 1-2 days visiting this central district of downtown Lima. This will give you more than enough time to take in the history and appreciate the scenery.

~Carpe Diem!