Brave Para-gliders

When I think back to my time in Lima, my most vivid memories are of the Mira Flores district. I loved how the cityscape crept up to the cusp of the Pacific Ocean.  Lover’s Park teeters on the edge of a massive cliff between skyscrapers and the Ocean.  When I picture this lively place speckled in mosaics, I remember the para-gliders that flew bravely over-head. They glided close to the buildings and over the cliff’s edge. On occasion, they would cast large shadows overhead that blotted out the sun. This post is in homage to the daredevils that were brave enough to appreciate the beauty of Mira Flores from a new perspective.

What places have stood out to you?

Lima, Peru – Part I – The Miraflores District


For those of you who don’t know, Lima is a very large city comprised of nearly 50 districts that span a distance of over 300 km sq. Hannah (my travel companion) and I were lucky enough to stay near the water in the district of Miraflores. During our first stroll through the area we learned that during the day, heat from the sun warms the water from the Pacific and causes an unusual but aesthetically pleasing layer of fog that takes over a good portion of the Miraflores district. It was so beautiful! Miraflores is set up on a cliff so there is no close access to any beaches, but the parks are lovely and provide some of the most lovely views for picture-taking and sight-seeing! We were fortunate enough to be within walking distance of “Lovers Park.” Continue reading