Coming Home

It’s weird. I thought it would be more strange coming home. I didn’t experience any jet lag and so far there has been minor culture shock. Either the culture shock is slowly going to set in, or I have successfully integrated the Thai attitude into myself. I’m hoping it’s the latter.

I’m taking a couple of weeks to catch up with friends and get settled before I make any big decisions on what I plan to do next. I have a few ideas but absolutely no solid plans. It’s nice to have a great void of unknown in front of me. I hate routine and if given the option to peer into my future, I would decline. I don’t want to know what’s coming and ruin the surprise. I also don’t want to fall into a lifestyle that will likely look the same 10, 15, and 20 years from now. BUT, a person’s gotta make a living. I’m not anxious yet but ask me again in a couple of weeks.

Now that I’m home and in a stable environment with internet access, I can catch up on my blogging. I already have a list of 15+ topics that I’d like to write about. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a wave of new stuff soon!

Carpe Diem.


Sunset Dinners on the Beach

Sunset Dinners on the Beach

One of the things that never gets old for me is sitting out at night, in the comfortable heat of the tropics. It’s a novelty to me.

As a native to Seattle, night time means freezing cold weather that requires a down jacket, a scarf, and maybe gloves. Even in the Summer, a light jacket is usually needed. At least for me anyway…

Cheers to tropical weather and sunset dinners on the beach! ❤

Dinner Surprises

Above are a few pictures of my dinner from a few weeks ago and again a few days ago. Upon first glance of the bowl I was a little anxious. My dinner looked… kinda gross.

I said to myself, “We don’t eat things like this in America…” Or at least, I don’t. It reminds me of eating bugs. But it’s not bugs. It’s fish and it is sustenance and nutrients. I could either stress myself out trying to communicate that I didn’t want it without offending the cook, or I could just try to eat it. And so I did. It didn’t taste great and the texture was foreign and uncomfortable. I ate as much as I could with giant spoonfuls of rice. The second time, I mixed them into the noodles. Just another typical dinner experience in a foreign culture. Each day brings new surprises.