A Mini Theme Park Discovery

While en route to Chumphon with some friends, we stopped for lunch to meet our caravan at a fun looking restaurant. From the parking lot, it looked to be a nice quality restaurant in a jungle setting. After eating and wandering around I started to realize what a shitty place it was, literally. I came to find out that the restaurant was called “Happy Toilet” and it’s sort of a mini theme park dedicated to toilets. As you walk around you can enjoy fun sculptures and working toilets in interesting places. The sky’s the limit… again.. literally haha. There was a “sky toilet” in a 360 degree glass observatory (the bottom half was double-sided glass so you couldn’t see in). There were also a few toilets in “the underworld” set in a cave with sculptures, art, and stories from history. There’s even a toilet within a giant sculpture of a….well… turd haha. Take a gander through my photos, it was such a fun place to stumble upon!

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3 comments on “A Mini Theme Park Discovery

  1. Erin Elaine says:

    What the……..

    this is hilarious!

    • elstadl says:

      I know, right? I didn’t even realize it right away. We had lunch and then wandered over to play on the tree. Behind us were the toilets with the big sculpted turds. It was so out of place. I didn’t understand haha. And then finally when I went to find the bathroom it all made sense :p

  2. seasiangirl says:

    hahaha only in Thailand .. love it 😉

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