Fresh Papaya

I never knew that fresh papaya could be so delicious.

Until today, I had disliked papaya. It has been included in a common fruit, yogurt, and granola dish in the North called Muesli. The last time I ate it, I dreaded those darker orange chunks in the mix and tried to eat them as fast as I could with large blobs of yogurt so that only the best pieces of fruit remained. I was gifted a large papaya from the resort owner where I stay. I accepted it graciously and stowed it in my room. A couple days went by and I wanted to avoid offending anyone by letting it go to waste. After my light dinner, I decided tonight was the night. I stared at it thinking “I have no idea how to cut a papaya…down the middle it is!” After cutting it in half, the fruit fell open like the legs of an eager virgin. Inside, I found the cream of the crop of papayas. The juicy, deep orange, supple meat separated under my knife like butter. I removed the seeds carefully with my knife and scraped out the middle. Then I quartered it and slowly drug the blade of the knife between the meat and the skin until I had removed the skin in one swoop. The first bite was blissful. That’s all it took to change my mind about this delectable fruit. The flavor was reminiscent of a squash but they don’t appear to be related according to Google.

I used to say I’ll try anything once. Now, I think it’s better to try everything twice 🙂


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