Monkey Mountain – A.k.a Khao Takiab

If you’re looking for things to do in Hua Hin, a quick visit to Monkey Mountain wouldn’t hurt. It offers a large wild monkey population, a Wat, and lovely views of the city and coast line. Once up there, you won’t need more than an hour. To be honest, there’s not a ton to see. The Wat was a lot smaller than I expected. The architecture was beautiful with its intricate details and gold accents but unless you practice Buddhism, the only thing to do is to enjoy the steep climb up the steps for the lovely view and watch the monkeys.

If you’d like to feed the monkeys, I recommend buying some banana or peanuts from the local vendors once you get up there. I made the mistake of buying preserved mango from the store in plastic packaging. When I went to get it out of my bag, every monkey in a 100 yard ear-shot seemed to poke its head out at the sound of the wrapper. It was eerie. They started to swarm and a large male ran up before I knew what was happening and snatched the entire unopened bag right out of my hand. I calmly walked away and watched from a safe distance as he selfishly ate the entire bag without sharing with any of his monkey friends. Geez.

Getting there

Ask any songthaew, taxi, or tuk-tuk driver to take you to ‘Monkey Mountain’ or ‘Khao Takiab’. From town it should be around 200-400 baht each way. If you’re not in a hurry and on a budget, ask some other travelers or tourists if they’d like to share a songthaew. They always seem to be parked along the main road, especially near the Market Village mall.


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