Lima, Peru – Part I – The Miraflores District


For those of you who don’t know, Lima is a very large city comprised of nearly 50 districts that span a distance of over 300 km sq. Hannah (my travel companion) and I were lucky enough to stay near the water in the district of Miraflores. During our first stroll through the area we learned that during the day, heat from the sun warms the water from the Pacific and causes an unusual but aesthetically pleasing layer of fog that takes over a good portion of the Miraflores district. It was so beautiful! Miraflores is set up on a cliff so there is no close access to any beaches, but the parks are lovely and provide some of the most lovely views for picture-taking and sight-seeing! We were fortunate enough to be within walking distance of “Lovers Park.”

One afternoon, we discovered that it is a popular place for para-gliders to gather and launch from. It was nerve-racking to see just how close they float to the buildings. At one point Hannah and I were exploring the Larcomar mall down the coast when a couple strapped into a para-glider floated overhead by maybe 30 or 40 feet.  They wove back and forth over the cliff edge that plunged probably 150+ feet down… I hope they knew what they were doing!


The park has several lovely mosaics and a statue of two lovers entangled in a romantic embrace. It’s placement on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific really makes it quite lovely 🙂

The Larcomar mall was beautifully set on the cliff over-looking the Pacific but as expected, was pretty crowded. There were a range of different types of shops and many restaurants. It’s a great place to grab lunch.

While in Miraflores, Hannah and I stayed at the Antigua Miraflores. I loved this hotel. The location was nice and the architectural style was very beautiful. I especially liked the interior courtyard that our windows opened up to.


They provide clean drinking water with refill fountains in the hallways. The rooms were basic but had a quaint elegant, old European feel to them. I especially liked the safe that they provided us with the antique key. I sketched (OK traced…) the key in my journal:

Don't mind the horrible hand writing in my journal!

Don’t mind the horrible hand writing in my journal!

The Antigua Miraflores also had two computers in the lobby with internet access. This was a nice touch. We were fortunate to have this amenity at all hotels we stayed at on our trip. The neighborhood felt safe and we had no problems walking around town.

Besides the Cercado de Lima, Hannah and I only had time to explore this district. I’m sure the others have many other treasure’s to offer! Stay tuned for my next post about the Cercado de Lima!



3 comments on “Lima, Peru – Part I – The Miraflores District

  1. I completely agree about the para gliders in miraflores! It was nerve racking to see them literally almost run into buildings!

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