Ocean Shores – A Quiet Weekend Escape


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of escaping the city for a spacious vacation home in Ocean Shores, WA with some girlfriends. We enjoyed sleeping in, large family style breakfasts, and enjoyed the nearly deserted local stretch of beach. On our way out to the beach on Saturday night for our bonfire, I was able to capture the above photo of a couple enjoying the sunset together.


The town is quaint and relaxing. We were lucky to be visiting on a weekend when the weather was beautiful and crowds of tourists were non-existent. There were some tourists in town renting mopeds and multi-person bicycles but they were minimal.

One of my girlfriends has a family friend who grants her access to their vacation home every other month when available. I suspect vacation rentals are easy to come by but if not, I saw several smaller to medium-sized Inns that had a lot of local charm.

Many of the homes in the neighborhood we stayed in appeared to be vacation homes. The absence of an abundance of year-round residents gives the city an almost spooky ghost-town feel to it. It makes for a lovely quiet walk and picturesque views unblemished by crowds of tourists. I would suspect that there are only a handful of weekends in the spring and summer that would be busy.

The beaches are clean and contain only the natural sand and fauna. I didn’t see any barbeques or fire pits but we were able to dig into the sand and make our own. It felt much more authentic anyways 🙂


If you’re looking for a beach front get-away that is quiet and homey, do consider Ocean Shores, WA. The sunsets are beautiful, the beaches uncrowded, and the neighborhood folk are friendly. In one word, Ocean Shores is Serene.



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