The Countdown Begins

Less than 3-months to go and I am getting ANTSY!

I recently notified my superiors that I will be leaving the company at the end of July. This will give me almost one full month to prepare for my departure. It may have been a mistake to ‘get it all out in the open’ so soon because now I am battling a form of “senioritis“. Do they have a term for pre-adventure distraction? Would is be “wanderlustitis“? Although I have to fight to stay focused and keep on top of my work game, it is refreshing not having to keep some huge secret and it’s helpful to have management know well in advance. I’m fortunate enough to have solid job security in the mean time…

Research and curiosity have made the shift from being a nagging itch to being forefront in my mind. What should I pack? How will my body adjust to a new diet? What sort of medical coverage should I get? The questions seem to be endless like my growing “to-do” list. Luckily I have plenty of time and I’m relatively on top of it…sort of 😉

I keep finding pictures from friends on facebook of their trips to Thailand and SE Asia. As soon as I see them I am SUCKED IN like the USS Enterprise being sucked into a black hole. I can’t look away. I have to look at every picture and study the setting. I am so eager to get over there and experience a new country!!!


2 comments on “The Countdown Begins

  1. Lindsey, I am so excited for you. You are in for the adventure of a lifetime. Can’t wait to see what the future brings. ~Terri

    • elstadl says:

      Thanks Terri! I didn’t think it was possible to be more excited but I’ve proved that theory wrong so far! I got my passport back this weekend and was approved for my 90-day Visa in Thailand :D!!! (To be extended upon getting a work permit). That was the last logistical thing I needed to work out. I feel so lucky to finally have this opportunity. – Lindsey

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